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6:30 to 8:30 PM

Tex’s installation utilizes hundreds of pipes hammered into the ground, but the viewers are the central focus of his interactive work.  When standing in the center of a forest of pipes, an illusion of specular rays emanate from each visitor, creating an “illusion of grandeur” around each person. His work evokes spiritual imagery.  Both the almond shape and the rays of light that surround it are characteristics of traditional religious iconography, and this ‘Aureole’ shows up in both Christian art as well as Persian, Japanese and earlier cultures, surrounding not only deities but kings and royalty. Tex will take a portrait of each viewer, and the images will be available free online.

Ayako’s art combines ritual and process, through simple actions like mowing grass— familiar to many, to reveal a subtle embodiment of how human interaction with nature affects cultural identity. For Ayako, it is not mowing a lot of grass, but an expression of her concept of nature’s cycles and how cultures regenerate. Her mowing, collecting, and burning grass represents this spirit. She constructs a circular ring of bricks to contain the cut grass over a clay relief. She ignites the grass as part of a ritual and for two hours feeds grass into the ring, and as the grass burns, the clay relief hardens from the fire, transforming it into a permanent state surrounded by blackened earth.

4:00 to 6:30 PM
It's Back to Art time

Prepare your aesthetic palate for the autumn menu of art shows with this interactive sculptural installation and performance at Art Farm featuring lots of skinny shiny things you can stand between, as well as plenty of smoke and fire. Admission is free to the public and there is 15 acres of parking with more than enough space for everyone. It’s the ideal alternative to throwing body blocks in over-packed Chelsea gallery openings or spending the afternoon blistering on the beach. Art Farm tap water will be offered as refreshment—drink from a glass and earn extra carbon credits.

august 2007