Sunday, October 26,
1:00 - 7:00 PM

We invite you to Art Farm’s Art Harvest 2008. We’re not asking you to walk on tightropes over gorges, but we hope you will come, enjoy, and make it a super-symmetrical weekend of cultural indulgence for you and us. You’ll get to meet some of the artists and writers in residence, plus see the work of this year’s other artists and, of course, go for a zestful romp through the weeds and grass to see your past 3D favorites in the pasture.

Here are some teasers to lure you away from your daily obsession with looking better and getting richer with the following distractions.

At the moment Ilit Azoulay arrived from Israel, she never stopped being amazed by prosaic, everyday things at Art Farm. Now it’s your turn to be amazed by the mystery and allure she captured in these things with her photographs.

Two New Yorkers, Carmelle Safdie and Cynthia Hartling, skip back a bit in history to do a little updating on two schools of art from the past: geometric abstraction and expressive abstraction.

Miruna Dragan’s installation ‘Raining Light’ is still raining, well, maybe it’s closer to a few small puddles, but it has enough drizzle left for you to drown in its sprinkles.

Crane your neck as far as possible in one of Art Farm’s retired ruins to read Marco Joubert’s self-referential text crawling over walls, roof and slopping onto the ground. Bring your dictionary and check his spelling.

You’ll have to look hard to spot Ron Longsdorf’s architectural follies of pink foam fantasies appended to Art Farm’s buildings. Foam seems the perfect building material: light weight, easily worked, pretty color, but perhaps we need to evaluate its structural qualities in the wolf breath test report from the ‘Four Little Pigs’ tale before final acceptance.

Laser in on Ann Kim’s watercolors of frogs, featured as tubes of tumors. See the new fall lineup of their growth patterns assisted by the miracle of modern industrial chemicals.

There’s more, more, more, from Lauren McCleary’s paper cuttings to Ryan Logan’s manipulated hog panel to poetry readings by Cheryl Ratliff and Douglas Piccinnini. The list grows with possible performances, music and outdoor movies; we never know what may happen until the last minute.

As always, there will be electrolytes to slurp down and carbs to load up on after your stroll around Art Farm.


Note: due to rapidly changing and cooling weather conditions, Art Farm frogs may not be available for comment regarding their environment.

art harvest 2008

Saturday, October 25,
1:00 - 7:00 PM
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