Art Farm, artist and writer residency in rural Nebraska, artist residencies
art harvest 2010
1306 West 21 Road, Marquette, NE 68854-2112, USA
Art Farm is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt non-profit organization registered with the State of Nebraska
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Saturday, October 30,
12:00 - 7:00 PM
Sunday, October 31,
12:00 - 7:00 PM

Art farm is breaking out of its summer seclusion to announce its annual ragey glamathon, Art Harvest. New this year is the opening of the ‘Southern Territories’ settlement at Art Farm, developing at delusional and monumentally frightening speed toward becoming a new outpost of creativity amid the wild grasses, and as you can see, complete with the latest reincarnation of 19th century Tweet Technology. Its here during Art Harvest, where each evening will end in a hyperventilatory cadenza of theatrical triumph by Zhenesse Heinemann, from New York City, tossing together acting, music, puppets, fire—pure trash all the way. We encourage you to peel away from your negative charismatic lifestyle, which might be as a potato’s, groping the couch for coins to pay for the next month's cable subscription and come experience what a raucous performance in The Globe may have been like years ago. We need no convincing that you will enthusiastically amplify this claim with your chorus of acclaim. .
Not to be ignored, eighteen other artists, writers and playwrights have also slaved over their stygian furnaces, refining their forms of expression, as if any compromise was a violation of aesthetic duty, turning borderline garbage into images and objects of incalculable worth—it’s something you don’t want to miss seeing or hearing. You’ll find some of these artists at Art Farm waiting to visit with you, so come and gawk at their art, see if you share a common conceptual frame, compare your summer tans, etc.
As always, striving to be so on trend with the new economy of restraint, we’re offering your favorite fare of tap water and low sodium saltines to refurbish your caloric loss after galumphing around Art Farm.
We hope you drop by for a glimpse of the supplementary set of aesthetic standards worth having on hand to add to your life as potential agents of destabilization and chaos, and certainly feel free to scatter your Art Harvest invitation on your favorite social network. We’d love to see whom you invite. .
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Wood Block Printing Demo
Mari LaCure, Saturday and Sunday, times vary
Noise Rock
(musical terror)
Kurt Peterson, Sunday, could be any time
Seven Spacious Elegies for Departed Youth
(a performance in seven acts)
Zhennesse Heineman,
Saturday and Sunday, noon to 7:00PM