There are twelve studios, which might be called, 'permanent': The Granary, Lone Pine West, District 62 (formerly a rural schoolhouse), Pig Pottery (ceramics), The White Annex, The Thinking Hut, The Victoria Suites 1 and 2, The Bell Barn, The High-Rise, The Barn Loft, and Muffin (a tow-behind camper). This list ignores the numerous ephemeral on-demand studio spaces created each year to meet a variety of needs, as well as using any empty room. Most studios are 400-500 square feet in size, with a few near 600 square feet. All studios, excluding The Thinking Hut, have 110-volt electrical power, with 220-volt in some, and four studios have plumbing (sink only). If studios feel too small, you can choose to work on the outside of them or in the 15 acres surrounding for environmental/permanent sculpture, interactive performances, or temporary installations. Depending on the season, 15 acres (summer) expands to 60 acres (fall).

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1306 West 21 Road, Marquette, NE 68854-2112, USA
Art Farm is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt non-profit organization registered with the State of Nebraska
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